About us

20 years in The USA Abrasives industry , We 100% certainty that we understand your frustration with using grinding wheels, cutting wheels and flap discs! CoreTemp Abrasives combine high productivity, low total cost and consistent performance. Our products have been designed to last longer, deliver faster results at better value than other abrasive systems. The items we manufacture are ideal for grinding, cutting and sanding. With exceptional abrasive technology the CoreTemp Abrasives system is a cut above the rest. Our product range includes: Cutting Wheels, Chop Saw Wheels and Blades, Flap Wheels, Thin Cutting Wheels, and Gas Saw Blades. We have products specifically made for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and many other materials. We underpin everything we do with value, quality and exceptional service to ensure you get the performance you need every time.

Mission :

At CoreTemp Abrasives we are proud to have created a better wheel that not only costs you less but works better, helping you to maximize your output. The CoreTemp Abrasives goal is to provide real answers to your abrasive applications with same day solutions. We guarantee the answers we provide will save you time, money and increase your productivity by meeting your exact application needs.


CoreTemp Abrasives is the only abrasive company in the world to incorporate QR (Quick Response) barcodes right on the label of every product. When scanned with any smart phone, you are automatically linked to a high-definition demo video of that product. This is great if you are in the shop or on the job-site.

No more guessing about which wheel is right for your application.


Our grinding and cutting wheels and flap discs were designed and formulated to work in a production environment. By using a very specific formulation of grain to resin and fiberglass reinforcement ratio, we produce an abrasive product resulting in faster stock removal, longer life and increased productivity.

In tests against 8 different leading brands, CoreTemp abrasives averaged a minimum of 35% better value based on wheel life, cost, reduced waste and reduced downtime.

Production Training:

We specialize in training distributors and their customers in choosing the right product for your application, reducing excess inventory, safe use of abrasive products, grinding and cutting techniques and evaluation of your specific needs.

Please visit our Training Videos :